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Guillaume Achaz

Atelier de BioInformatique
Maison de la pédagogie
4, place Jussieu
75005 Paris

Tel: +1-44-27-65-82
Fax: +1-44-27-63-12


Evolution Paris-Seine, UMR7138, IBPS
Atelier de BioInformatique and
Interests in Biology
Population Genetics
DNA Rereapeatss

Database and web-engeneering



Where and when

Some other interests


I spent some of my freetime to organize games (i.e. live action role-playing games) in an association named les pèlerins de Métamorphée.

Players of Talisman are welcome to visit and download a enhanced Dragon Cult expansion.

Interested players of Arkham Horror may try few of my variants and heralds that sits on photobucket

If you have not played the magnificient Mansions of Madness, you are missing something. I have designed two scenarii for it: The Esoteric Order of Dagon and The Mines of Yuggoth

Bandes dessinées (Graphic Novels)

I like to read "bédés" (belgium/french graphic novel) and set a small webpage with freely available short stories. French readers may would have a look.

I am setting up to website dedicated to Rork, a hit in graphic novels from Andreas. Even though the novel has been translated in english, the web page is only in french.