Small Non-Coding RNA

Here are some files in supplement to the paper "Identification of new small non-coding RNAs from tobacco and Arabidopsis" B. Billoud, R. De Paepe, D. Baulcombe and M. Boccara, Biochimie 2005, 87 (9-10):905-910.


- PatBank

PatBank is the pattern-matching software used in this study.

It was developped in order to:

You can download PatBank.

- MiRfold

MiRfold searches for a good miRNA-like folding in the sequence surrounding a putative miRNA. It was optimized on plant miRNAs.

You can download MiRfold.


- Table St1

Number of hits in plant sequences (EMBL Release 81)

- Foldings

Three optimal foldings computed by MiRfold